Allentown, Pa. – In last night’s debate Biden claimed he would, “stop giving the oil industry federal subsidies and transition away from oil.” By doing so, this would threaten more than 19 million jobs nationwide including thousands right here in Pennsylvania. Joe Biden’s climate agenda would put an end to America’s energy independence, enriching our foreign adversaries. 

Susan Wild and Joe Biden believe the job-killing Green New Deal is a “crucial framework” and “right on point.” This progressive and near socialist policy will hurt the state of Pennsylvania, putting over 300,000 people out of work. In contrast, Lisa Scheller is encouraging environmental protections while promoting economic growth but not at the cost of hard-working Pennsylvanians and their jobs. 

Lisa Scheller employs over 150 hardworking Pennsylvanians at her manufacturing company. She understands that the Green New Deal that would cost every household in Eastern Pennsylvania $75,000 in its first year. Lisa supports natural gas drilling and nuclear power. Natural gas drilling or hydraulic fracturing is a major source of jobs in Pennsylvania and it keeps our energy bills low. These produce fewer emissions and are better for the environment. 

Susan Wild and Joe Biden’s progressive expansion is far too left for PA07.