Susan Wild Votes To Give Her Campaign Millions in Tax Dollars

Allentown, Pa. – Over the past two years, 7th District residents have seen Representative Susan Wild consistently put the interests of her campaign and Nancy Pelosi ahead of the needs of her district. Among the numerous examples is Wild’s co-sponsorship of H.R.1.

While our nation struggles to provide the relief our small businesses and first responders need, Susan Wild’s bill would cost over $10 billion and give political campaigns up to $5 million in federal funding to spend on negative advertising.

The last thing taxpayers should have worry about is their hard-earned dollars going to politicians they don’t support.

The federal government holds an immense responsibility as the steward of Americans’ tax dollars, and politicians in Washington should cut spending and conserve taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars, not wantonly spend them in their own self-interest.

This is an unfortunate reminder that in the face of massive government expansion and tax hikes envisioned by her far-left colleagues, Wild will not stand up for Pennsylavian’s best interests. Instead, she will continue to support the reckless spending and government overreach outlined in Nancy Pelosi’s agenda.