The Affordable Care Act needs to be replaced because it’s not working for too many Pennsylvanians. The Affordable Care Act failed to lower costs and in fact made healthcare more expensive. If you get insurance through your job, you probably like your plan, but if you try to buy insurance in the Affordable Care Act exchange markets, it’s prohibitively expensive.Unlike career politicians, I’ve paid for healthcare benefits for my hundreds of employees so I know that we need to reform our healthcare system in a way that works. Here’s what I want to do to make sure all Pennsylvanians can have quality healthcare they can afford:

  • First, reduce regulations and give people and businesses more choice. We should have more health savings accounts, and we should let people buy plans that are best for them. The ACA put the federal government in charge of every insurance plan and that has made costs skyrocket.
  • Second, we should sell insurance across state lines. There’s no reason not to and more competition will mean lower prices. Foster inter-state competition by allowing providers to sell insurance across state lines. 
  • Third, we need to make sure we protect and cover those with preexisting conditions.
  • Finally, We need to reduce the cost or prescription drugs. I support the Republican plan to allow drugs to be imported from other countries, and not let the big pharmaceutical companies rip off Pennsylvanians.