Green New Deal

The Green New Deal is a disaster that would destroy millions of jobs and devastate Pennsylvania families.  

One study found that in the very first year, the Green New Deal would cost every home in the Lehigh Valley $75,000. If I’m elected, I’ll make sure it can never pass. I’ve got the credibility as a business leader to talk about the problems of the Green New Deal. 

The Green New Deal is a socialist disaster. Here’s what the bill would do:

First, the bill would require America to have 100% clean and renewable energy. 100%. That means that every gas, coal, and nuclear power plant must be shut down. Today, most of our energy in Pennsylvania is from natural gas. That would all be gone. Your electric bill would skyrocket.  

Second, the bill would overhaul transportation so all cars are zero-emission vehicles. If you drive a Tesla today, there’s no change for you. But if you don’t, or even if you ever take a flight, this bill would phase that out. Does the bill explain how this will work or whether this is even practical? Of course not. 

Finally, the bill says that the federal government will give every person in America socialized healthcare and affordable housing. And what does this have to do with being Green? 

This isn’t just a bad socialist policy: it’s crazy. But Susan Wild called it “wonderful” and “exactly on point”. She’s wrong, and she’s exposing herself to be a radical liberal, not the moderate she promised she was when campaigning. 

I’m running because I want everyone in Pennsylvania to have American Dream that I had. But I know if the country starts going down the road to socialism, which is what the Green New Deal is, our children won’t have a chance.