Newsletter 9

Team – 

Just this week I was the only Pennsylvania House candidate named as a “Young Gun” by the NRCC!  That means all of our hard work here in the Lehigh Valley is being noticed by others nationally!  This district is going to be one of the most competitive in the Country and I will be working nonstop in our effort to prevent the American Dream from turning into a Socialist Nightmare.

Whether I am out knocking on doors for candidates or talking to everyday voters, it is quite apparent to me that government is not working for them.  Don’t believe me?  Lets look at what they have been up to:

  1. Gas is at a 7 year high as the Democrat Congress continues to push for American dependence on foreign energy.
  2. Soaring inflation with the price of commodities like bacon at a 40 year high
  3. The botched withdrawal in Afghanistan
  4. Abandonment of Israel at the hands of the radical left 
  5. Abysmal jobs reports that show more people leaving the workforce than joining
  6. A border crisis of their own making that is allowing illegal immigration and illegal drugs to flood across the border
  7. Fighting over how much of your money they want to spend on their road to socialism 

We are going to have the fight of our lives in 2022 to keep our American Dream from turning into a Socialist Nightmare and I need your help to do so.  Please sign up to volunteer, donate to the campaign, and share with your friends.  Let’s win this!



Join Team Scheller in going door to door to help our local candidates!  Meet at the Lehigh County Republican Party HQ at 1PM!

Whats Happening in Washington?

Recently, it has surfaced that the Democrat’s 3.5 trillion dollar plan includes a massive amount of funding for the IRS.  They want to weaponize the IRS to spy on your bank account!  If you spend over  $600 a year through an online processing app such as paypal or Venmo, you would need to submit a report to the IRS. 

So to examine this, the plan that the Democrat majority in Congress is trying to pass that they swear will cost $0 and not raise taxes on the middle class, wants to weaponize the IRS to spy on every day purchases you have.  Right.

It is clear that this Democrat spending spree is Socialism wrapped up in a bow, and now the left is coming after your bank accounts to try and pay for it.  Enough is enough.  Time to get Susan Wild out of there.

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Photos from the District!

Northampton County Republican Dinner 

Door to Door in Lehigh County

Hope and Coffee Check Reception!

Other Photos from Around the District!

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Where to find me!

October 16th-17th- Bangor Octoberfest

October 16th- Whitehall Meet the Candidates Night

October 17th- Super Sunday in Lehigh County 

October 18th- Last Day to Register to Vote for the 2021 election!

October 19th- Bath Halloween Parade 

October 17th- Bangor Halloween Parade

October 22nd- Glenn Eckhart Halloween Rally!

October 23rd- Bangor Halloween Parade

As always, be sure to keep an eye out for future updates from the campaign and future events!  

Onward to victory, 

Team Scheller