Newsletter 5

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Welcome back to our Newsletter!  Obviously one story has been dominating the news and that is the current crisis in Afghanistan.  On Monday, I released a statement which you can read below:

President Biden’s disorganized policy regarding the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan has directly led to the rapid rise of the Taliban’s control in Afghanistan.  The complete failure of his leadership is highlighted by the images of Taliban fighters seizing American weapons and supplies that were “left” for the Afghan army. While he promised that no American would need to be airlifted out of Kabul, images of airlifts from the embassy harken back to Saigon. 

The women of Afghanistan now face a dark, horrific future with reports of threats from the Taliban to erase all the progress that has been made for the past 20 years.  I am outraged and so should anyone who claims to be a proponent of Women’s rights, but it should be no surprise that the Taliban were able to mobilize and seize power this rapidly.  The American public deserves answers as to how this staggering defeat was possible.  Where are our elected leaders?

I urge all who know a veteran or a Gold Star family from the war in Afghanistan to reach out and  offer any type of support.

Now, Susan Wild is on Fox News defending Joe Biden’s refusal to answer questions from the American people over his failure.  Check out our response by clicking below.

Check out our response to Susan Wild’s Interview

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