Lisa Scheller’s Statement on the Democrat’s Passage of the Large Budget

In case you missed it- Yesterday, Susan Wild voted to advance the Bernie Sanders Socialist budget which green-lights a $3.5 trillion partisan, socialist spending spree that will increase taxes and drive up the cost of everyday goods. It includes:

✔️$68 trillion dollars in spending over the next ten years which will be the largest sustained spending level in US History

✔️Amnesty for illegal immigrants, tax breaks and subsidies for wealthy environmentalists, eliminating right to work protections, expanding government-controlled health care, Imposing new taxes and mandates on American energy development that pick winners and losers, raising electricity costs for households, increasing reliance on China and Russia for energy, and new funding to double the size of the IRS.

✔️16.3 trillion of total deficit spending over ten years, which is a debt increase greater than the GDP of every country on earth, except the U.S., and increases the national debt to $45 Trillion dollars by 2031.

✔️Raising the corporate tax rate to a level higher than communist China and includes a multi-trillion tax increase on working families, small businesses, and family farms.

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