Lisa Scheller’s Statement on News Reports Relating to Susan Wild’s Rental Property

Allentown, PA– Is Susan Wild breaking the law?  

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Susan Wild has raked in tens of thousands of dollars from her rental property over the past few years through a company that has been defunct for the past several years because Wild and her business partner failed to file periodic reports that are required under Washington DC law.  

Under DC law, a revoked entity such as Wild’s Casa Stimus shall be void and all powers conferred upon such entity are declared inoperative,” meaning “entities in revoked status may not operate in the District until they are reinstated.”  However, just this year while lobbying for taxpayer-funded relief for landlords, Wild collected tens of thousands of dollars in rent according to her own financial disclosure form through this defunct LLC.

“Susan Wild failed to disclose her rental income while lobbying for Taxpayer dollar funded relief for landlords n March, she called federal assistance for landlords “a key part of our state recovery,” but failed to acknowledge her status as a landlord in public remarks.” said Republican Congressional Candidate Lisa Scheller. “She is not the only House Democrat to conceal such a conflict of interest amid a pandemic movement to cancel rent payments. Squad members Reps. Ayanna Pressley (D., Mass.) and Rashida Talib (D., Mich.) reported up to $65,000 in combined 2020 rental income at the same time they backed legislation that would eliminate rent and establish a “landlord relief fund.”

“Susan Wild is a member of the House Ethics Committee and named to a bipartisan working group to examine what types of service or positions outside of Congress could result in conflicts of interest and to craft proposed regulations for the committee’s consideration that govern those pursuits, so you would think that she would understand how to disclose income and operate her LLC legally.  Unfortunately, like in Allentown, Susan Wild wants to police herself which to me looks like dirty backroom swamp politics.”  

“There should be a full investigation into this issue involving Susan Wild’s rental income.  Whether she is failing to disclose her income, or failing to file the proper reports to keep her LLC functional, it is apparent that Susan Wild does not want to play by the same rules as everyone else and I call on the House Ethics Committee to begin a full investigation on Susan Wild and Casa Stimus.”


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