Lisa Scheller Releases Statement Following Rashida Tlaib's Attempt To Spread Anti-Semitic Propaganda

Lisa Scheller released the following statement after Rashida Tlaib retweeted Anti-Semitic propaganda blaming Jews for the tragic accidental death of a boy in the West Bank. Tlaib has deleted the tweet, but has not apologized. 

Lisa Scheller said, “Rashida Tlaib’s promotion of an outrageous slander, blaming Jews for kidnapping an Arab child and drowning him, harkens to the darkest times of blood libels against the Jewish people and demands that any member of her party with any decency denounce her anti-Semitism immediately and without reservation. To date, we have seen Susan Wild carefully sidestep condemnation of anti-Semitic remarks by her colleagues in “the squad.” Wild declined to denounce Ilhan Omar’s bigoted remarks about Jews. Now, faced with ugly behavior by another fellow Democrat, we must ask: what will it take for Susan Wild to stand up for the Jewish people? Will she ever?”