ALLENTOWN, PA – Yesterday, Susan Wild’s D.C. based campaign manager, Katie Gladstone, challenged Lisa Scheller to a fourth debate. The press release, which included a D.C. phone number, laid out a list of demands for how the debate should be hosted. Alex Meyer, Lisa Scheller’s campaign manager, has this to say about it: 

“Lisa is excited to participate in a fourth debate where we can openly and freely discuss Congresswoman Wild’s far left voting record. It is perplexing that earlier this week Rep. Wild declined to appear in in-person events for the remainder of the campaign, but now she wants to face Lisa for a fourth debate with an unlimited in person audience, as you said, ‘free and accessible to all’, all in the matter of two days?  

Since Susan answers to Nancy Pelosi’s beckon call, I presume we should invite her as well — we’ll be sure to make the adequate arrangements–three stools on stage, with a microphone where Nancy can tell Susan how to respond, since Susan already votes with Nancy 99% of the time.  

I am happy to meet with you in person to work out the date, location, moderators, and ground rules. We can either meet up here in the 7th Congressional District, or I’m happy to travel to Washington, D.C., to meet with you since you and the campaign team are living and running the campaign from there.   

I appreciate you reaching out, Katie. The voters of Pennsylvania’s 7th District deserve to hear from the candidates directly about their vastly different visions for the future of our country. Rep. Wild’s support for defunding police, higher taxes, and the green new deal versus Lisa’s support for law enforcement, economic policies to help small businesses, and her willingness to be an independent voice for voters.”