In Congress, Lisa will put PEOPLE ahead of politics and work to protect our American Dream from turning into a socialist nightmare.

Stop Disastrous Policies

Stop disastrous policies that are causing inflation and higher gas prices which are hurting Lehigh Valley families

Empower Parents

Empower parents to make the best choice for their child’s education 

Stand up to the Woke Cancel Culture

Stand up to the woke cancel culture that is threatening our First Amendment rights

Restore Election Integrity

Restore election integrity so Pennsylvania voters have confidence in the elections process

Protect the Right to Life

Protect the right to life and always oppose taxpayer-funded abortions 

Secure the Border

Secure the border and stem the flow of illegal drugs flooding our communities

Support Term Limits

Support term limits so we can get rid of career politicians

Protect our Second Amendment

Protect our Second Amendment from the Left’s attacks