Lisa is running to save the American Dream that is out of reach for so many Americans. Our current Congresswoman, Susan Wild, votes with the leaders of her party 100% of the time. We need a member of Congress who votes with Pennsylvanians, not Washington.


Lisa will always fight to cut taxes, and has pledged to oppose tax increases because hard-working families deserve to keep more of their hard earned money, not less.


We need to rein in government spending.  Susan Wild ignored economists’ warnings and voted for trillions of dollars in new spending that has led to the highest inflation in 40 years—and our families and businesses are paying the price. With the rising costs of gas, groceries and housing–, it’s becoming harder and harder for Pennsylvanians to stay afloat.

Jobs and the Economy

As a job creator, Lisa  understands what it takes to grow the economy.  Lisa will help manufacturers and industries critical to Pennsylvania’s economic success hire new workers and expand production in the U.S.. She will fight to keep the regulatory burden low and the government out of the day-to-day operations of our businesses.


We need to open up American energy production and reduce our reliance on foreign enemies who do not share our values.  I support an all of the above energy approach that harnesses American energy and ensures energy rates are affordable for families and businesses. and will fight the government’s attempts to pick winners and losers on this topic.

Standing with Law Enforcement

Washington Democrats have voted to handcuff and defund our police—and that’s wrong. In the process of doing this, they have made our police officers and our communities targets for violent criminals. In Congress, Lisa will oppose extreme, far-left policies like cashless bail and activist judges who are choosing to let dangerous criminals walk free in the name of political correctness while threatening to punish police officers for simply doing their jobs.

Securing our Border

Joe Biden’s failure to act has led to a crisis at our Southern Border.  As a result of our open border and drug smuggling operations, opioid overdoses are now the number one cause of death for individuals between the ages of 18-45.  In Congress, Lisa will fight to secure our Southern Border and impose harsher penalties on drug traffickers.

Term Limits

I am in favor of term limits for elected officials.  Our elected officials should be public servants and not lifelong politicians serving their own self-interests.  That is why Lisa signed a pledge limiting herself to four terms in Congress.

Affordable Healthcare

Our senior citizens and retired military men and women are struggling to pay exorbitant drug prices. There must be protections for people with pre-existing conditions, lower drug prices by holding big pharma accountable and allowing more generic medication to market.  We must also take care of our seniors and protect Medicare.


Lisa has pledged to donate her entire Congressional salary to charities that support veterans because, as the daughter of a Veteran, Lisa knows firsthand who to thank for our freedom and the unique challenges facing veterans.  In Congress, Lisa will support policies that allow for more job and career training opportunities for veterans and implement long-overdue reforms to our broken VA so veterans and their families  get the care they need and deserve. 

Opioid Crisis

As someone who is 40 years in recovery from addiction, Lisa knows how to fight this crisis head on.  Lisa will work to provide solutions to address the opioid crisis just like how she has with Hope and Coffee, a local coffee shop that employs addicts in early recovery.