Scheller Calls Out Wild’s Impeachment Vote

Allentown, Pa. – Republican Congressional candidate Lisa Scheller today issued the following statement in response to Susan Wild’s announcement that she would vote to remove the President from office:

“Susan Wild’s professions of sorrow aren’t fooling anyone. She is voting to do what Nancy Pelosi and the political left are telling her to do: abandon due process and remove an elected President just months before the voters can decide for themselves whether he should stay in office.

“There are important Constitutional arguments against punishing any President for exercising his responsibility to conduct foreign diplomacy and for determining how to best spend U.S. tax dollars on foreign aid. To add an obstruction count for his refusal to participate in this partisan exercise is akin to charging someone for refusing to join in their own mugging.

“Susan Wild’s vote is a betrayal of the will of the electorate and lifts the veil on her insistence that she is anything but a liberal tool of an increasingly socialist Democrat party. She talks about lower drug costs, better incomes and an end to opioids, but she votes for impeachment. Like the career politicians she obeys, Susan Wild has voted for continued Washington gridlock.”